Monday, November 23, 2009

Low Yat oh Low Yat !

What would we do if there is no Low Yat Plaza ?? The electronic heaven ! You name it----from smart-phones to mp4 players to point and shoot cameras to the latest DSLR cameras to a multitude of facilities and support for desk-top and lap-tops. !!!

Not only do they sell but they do repairs as well. .....and you do get one of the best and friendliest services from the shops.

If you recall my posting on the problems faced by a student when her lap-top was sent for repair to the manufacturer's service centre. Anyway for less than 25% of the cost quoted by the manufacturer, the motherboard was repaired and the lap-top was operational again with a warranty period.

However , today, with datelines and assignments due, the student was fervently working on them with her group members when problems arose . The lap-top just froze and a restart failed to show the display !

With her documents and current work still in the hard-disk AND a presentation due the next day, understandbly it was near point-panic !

Anyway we went to Low Yat and the repair shop and.......what a service ! They were cooperative. We tried to get the lap-top repaired immediately as it was badly needed today and tonight. Of course that was near impossible.

After explaining the predicament and date-lines , they took out the hard-disk, attach a USB adaptor, connect it to another computer so that we can retrieve all the data, documents and materials . Then we remembered that her lap-top was using the 2007 Words and that might create problems when she wants to open her documents on a substitute lap-top with a 2003 Words.

No problems to them . They installed a converter and saved everything in a pen-drive. Not once did they do or say anything to irritate us ! It was truly service with a smile !

Alls well that ends well --- at least the documents are retrieved and work could continue  for this student !


Helas(^o^)\m/ said...

low yat is the place where i always collect the flies and survey prizes every week hehe.. but in the end my ba only full with flies haha.. if still got my lappy, for sure upgrade full blast rite now .. HAIZ....

Hazalee_Hassan said...

If there is no low yatt, i wouldn't be interested in KL anymore.hehe...