Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Singapore Chapter.... Our accomadation.

We were very lucky to have such a good  and comfortable place to stay during our visit........courtesy of Jai, another of ASH's Singapore connection. Unfortunately,he was performing his Haj so I could not meet him.

The apartment is in a nice and quiet location. I love the living room and since my first visit more than 8 years ago, I have always refer to it as 'Hotel California' as inspired by the lyrics of the song..
.' can check out anytime you like , but you can never leave..." won't want to leave as its so comfortable. Thanks again Jai .

Here are some photo to show what I mean.

In the vicinity, a little park close to the small shopping centre.

and a public work-out area.


anak si-hamid said...

Jai would be tickled to see his abode in your blog - and flattered too. I shall tell him about this 'write-up' when he comes back from the Haj.
But above all, Jai has been a steadfast friend and his hospitality generosity extends not only to us to to my extended family.
It has to be said that he also has a big, big heart for the weak and powerless and parts very happily with his money to help those in need - and that includes the stray cats around his block and the birds that fly to his kitchen window. Bless you Jai. I could not have asked for a better friend.
Thank you sunnysideup for posting these pictures.

sicKo^ said...

it looks super nice and comfortable.. cool..