Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Mango Tree

No, I'm not writing about mango trees. Its about a PLACE called The Mango Tree where we had dinner on Saturday night --- a treat from Oi Beck.

The Mango Tree is situated at the East Coast Park (I think). It is in one of the many rows of eating houses just about 100 meters from the sea. Between the restraunt and the sea, are cycling tracks, roller-blading and roller-skating tracks. There are also tents put up by families and individuals . The whole place is just (if I may use the word) 'happening'.

Coloured lights from the eating houses , pubs and snooker parlours added to the mood of festivities. The sound of live music also filled the air.

Anyway we soon gathered round a long table and the fun of ordering the food began.

As I understand it , Oi Beck tends to over-order the food and PH (pickled herring) had a duty to check her so as to avoid waste. Oh how I wish I could post the photo which best describe that statement !

Believe you me, this tussle is serious business and check and balance system seemed to be working well. Everytime Oi Beck opened her mouth to order, the rest were quick to nullify it.  It was quite amusing , really.

Anyway the food was delicious and I didn't hold back on walloping the food.

What we found out later is that there is a mango tree in front of the restaurant where this sign is.

a look to the sea., later in the night, the paths would be packed with cyclists and roller-bladers !

ASH., Iain,  PH, Oi Beck

the ordering starts... there are photos which cannot be posted to show this process as well  ...

 Ruk, Iain, ASH, PH, Oi Beck


From the beach....

All in all it was a lovely night. Thanks Oi Beck  for that fabulous dinner treat !

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