Saturday, December 26, 2009

In my hour of need .......

More boring news of my never-going flu ! Last night, for the first time after 3 days, my body built up a fever. At about 12.30am, I got up,took 2 paracetamol and went to sleep.

I had a dream at about 2.30am and later at about 4.00am. Both dreams were similar in the sense that my dear cat Mana came to me . In both dreams I was cuddling him with his soft thick fur as I used to do and I felt good.Iin fact in both dreams, I didn't even remember that he had actually died some 4 to 5 years back. (check my old postings).. In my second dream I actually took him for a drive to bring him home.

In fact I realised that Mana had come to my dreams only this morning when I was having breakfast.

Whats so significant about these dreams ? Well, I don't care whether you believed this or not.

But when he was still with us, he would always be with me whenever I was sick. He would be lying down beside me, not going anywhere and putting my hands on his body always made me feel better.  Thi had been going on since I left the hospital after my heart attack when he was still a kitten. He was actually giving me the comfort and solace for almost 13 years of his life.

 And last night, he gave me that comfort again......

This strange bond worked both ways. Whenever he was sick , he would looked for me with his pleading eyes for comfort . there were times when I took my annual leave just to be with him at home until he gets better. In his last day with us, I spent every night with him in the hospital , just sitting in front of his cage, held him and talked to him.

Such is the love between us.

..and last night, somewhere, somehow, he knew that I needed him...and he came. In fact, the last few days I wasn't even thinking of him.

Mana oh my Mana ! I miss you so.......


anak si-hamid said...

Sometimes you can depend more on the love of animals than human beings.
I'm glad Mana came to visit you-isn't life wonderful?
Take care. Hope you get better soon-you'd better as Mana has already given you a hands-up.

From Gorgeous George and ashen-faced AsH

sunnysideup said...

Thanks george (this IS Rollop not Boy George ya) and ASH ( what have you been doing to yourself in winter ? )