Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Christmas Photohunt - Mid-Valley and The Gardens

Sunnysideup logbook - Saturday, 5th. December 2009. The night before was a horrible one. A nightmare woke me up at about 3.00am. I could not sleep again. So, to my computer and caught up with my mails and also did some writings.  This kept me busy ( with a mug of Earl Grey tea) until 5.00 am. Managed to grab some shut-eye and up again at about 6.00am. This time switched on the TV and watched a drama called "A Time To Remember', with one eye shut.

Anyway , I already planned to do some shooting . So by 10.30am, I was already at the Gardens..  The decor was simple but well spread throughout the length of the shopping centre. However, in the Centre Court, the put a few tall trees together and while walking, I realised that at a certain angle , it looked like a forest.

The Gardens

The Centre piece at The Gardens

View of the well-decorated Mall

I like this shot !

The Mid-Valley

Then a walk to the MidValley area and as usual the Centre Court was well decorated. Everuthing seemed to be focussed here while the rest of the Mall was quite normal, other than the decor from individual shops ! It was pretty well done. As usual, they always seeme to have a main theme. Later, there was a cat-walk session but I didn't bother to do any shooting. From the 2nd floor, I saw the crowd of photographers with flashing ( pardon the pun) their super-expensive lenses. I had enough of that from the last Nikon show a month or so ago. The photos were taken with a wide-angle lens as I wanted a general view rather than focused on the specifics.

The 'Castle' entrance.

A general View

Another point of view.


iRiSS said...

i went to the gardens once. not in the festival days but still the decoration is very nice. the place inside is very peace as well. christmas is at the corner... HOHOHO..!!

scha stacy said...

hey..u shud see d xmas deco in pavillion! hehehe...

sunnysideup said...

I will be going there with a friend soon, for day and night shots -- !