Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'Petronas to sponsor F1 Mercedes'.........(2)

This was actually my reply to comments but thought since I got carried away, might as well pit (pardon the pun,the error was unintentional,  I meant 'put') it up as a posting !

'yes---maybe, but f1 is SOOOO unpredictable ! Look at BMW--- 2 years ago they were really moving up as 'the best of the rest'....and look what happened last season.....they got screwed big time !...what an embarrassment for  a manufacturer that has been involved in so many other motor sports. Look at Brawn, a newbie, yet they came in out of nowhere and shocked the F1 world ! It used to be Williams, Mclaren and Ferrari as the top 3. But all of a sudden, Williams was struggling like a novice a few years ago, and this went on until last season when they put up a more decent show.  Look at Toyota, used to be very very successful in the WRC, but a flop in F1. Red Bull, with no traditional racing record, did well last season.

So this time around  my money is on LOTUS !!!!! They might not be in the front but hell !!! they will kick some butts.

Oh ...two years ago Mercedes (or McLaren  with Mercedes engine) was just crap...and I'm hoping they will repeat it again next season (sorry aying) and this is the first time that Merc is coming up  with their own F1 chassis too!!!! ( see what happened to BMW ?, after they left Williams .)

Bring it on F1...entertain the world !'

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Aying said...

Hahahahaha...anything can happen Sir...maybe ur wil be right, maybe ur will be wrong...

cant wait for next season.....bring it on....