Thursday, December 17, 2009

How cheap can you get ?

Last night a friend told me something that really shocked me. The first thought in my mind was ---how cheap can you get ? Professionalism , human dignity,pride and reputation are all flushed down the sewer !

I am so ashamed and ANGRY when I heard this that I could only let off steam through this blog. However, I will keep my promise to my friend not to reveal the details ---and Ido not think I am up to writing out the detail.  I might puke over my key-board.

Utter shock ! ---- simply because I could not even IMAGINE such a ruse !

Its cheap cheap cheap !!!  Its an insult ! Its downright daylight robbery !

To readers---I'm sorry I could not reveal more . I'll just absorb it and puke ---again in the toilet !

Below is what I think of the person and/or the deed !

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