Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sneezes and sniffles !!!

Oh boy ! What an evening yesterday was. I was servicing the air-cons and as expected, the dust got into my nostrils ! Normally I would put on a mask but made an exception that time . Biiiig mistake !!!

After half an hour, my sneezing session started ! About 30 sneezes - one after another ! That was enough to make me sweat . I was so knackered after that. Then a reprieve of about 20 minutes , and the sneezing came again. I could not talk because of the coming sneeze. It was like taking a few very short and quick breaths as if a sneeze was coming. But it never did. But once you start it, it will continue for a few million times.

Then the next stage - the worst ! The nose block ! I could only breathe through my mouth. Then a few stray sneezes and the blocked cleared ---- for a while.

Later at night, I couldn't sleep . I could only napped in a sitting position . I'm still nursing a runny nose.

Well thats my boring encounter with the dust . Oh, by the way, cigarette smoke sometime does that to me too ! sniff ! sniff ! atishoooo ! atishooo ! atishooo !

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