Saturday, December 12, 2009

P-DAY ! --Help Me Make It Through The Day !

P Day. Thats Presentation Day.

Today, Saturday, 12 December 2009,  at 10.00am, the ordeal starts. I will be listening to about 60 - 70 presentations of ENG 511 !  AARRGGHH !!!

But this time there will be two class-rooms used. So while one is doing the presentation, theother would be preparing. That way, immediately after the first presentation , I would move to the second room while the first room prepares itself. I would have saved about 5 - 6 minutes, maybe more,  of change-over time. Clever eh !

However --- will I last through it all ? Ahh ! That remains to be seen. Earlier this week, I sat through 4 hours of presentations and I finished all 4 classes of the CBDS students --- and I ended with a massive headache , for two days !

Well , I guess as long as students give me a fairly decent presentation, convince me that some preparation had been made, follow my guidelines and everything would be just fine ---I hope !

So --- heres to a 'good' day !


Well - I survived ! First I was afraid, I was petrified...............naww.... just joking ! The morning went well. I had the advantage of having two adjacent class-rooms together , and sitting at the door between the two rooms, I could command a good view of both groups ( not at the same time of course ) and the whole show was smooth. 

Later helas paid a visit . I finished all ( except 5 of them, who came in late anyway ). I can see the dazed look in his face. Well helas, the things we have to come up with !

So , its alls well that ends well !


Helas(^o^)\m/ said...

sir.. i wanna visit u.. can???? im at office. doin some stupod task hahaha

sicKo^ said...

good luck with that sir...

Azhar85 said...


I want to ask you about phone number Dato' Idrus..can you tell me because I want to ask Dato' about my OJT..

If you have Mr.Michael phone number also..can you give it to me...your cooperation is my most concern...

Thank you sir..

-Khairul Azhar-