Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From my balcony in the morning !

I'm on leave again, and I don't start work until next year ! Yahoo !!!

Woke up this morning feeling good but not good enough to get out and take some photos. So , instead stood at the balcony and hoped to get a good shot of any of the squirrels that run about in the garden. So far I have been trying to get them the last few months. They were either too fast or I was too slow !

Anyway I was ready with the A300, but instead only a few birds came and stood on the branches. Oh well--- better than nothing I guess.



ph said...

Nice shots of the Myna bird.

Telormatalembu, i will like to wish you a very Happy New Year, Xin Nian Quai Le !!!!

sunnysideup said...

...and kong hee fatt choy to you too terubukjeruk !

anak si-hamid said...

Lovely shots, SSup. You're really pulling in the birds aren't you?

sunnysideup said...

The stupid birds are just showing off in front of me ! I noticed that they would always come whenever I'm at the balcony. probably hoping for bread crumbs !