Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Christmas Photohunt - Bangsar Village. A Choir.

Call it what you like, but on my way back from the Mid-Valley, I was driving along Bangsar Road towards Kuala Lumpur and approaching the junction of Jalan Maarof . At that very moment, I received an sms from Leas saying that herChoir group will be performing at the Bangsar Village at 3.00pm.

What a stroke of luck ! I was just some 50 meters from the junction leading to the Village. ! I cannot believe the coincidence ! Anyway within 15 minutes or so,  I was already leaving the car park and entering the Mall. A quick search and an sms told me that they were at the Yamaha shop....and soon I could hear voices singing "......merry Christmas and a happy new year ! " .......

Throughout I still could not believe I would be listening to the Choir group that I have heard so much of from her . Anyway, soon they went a floor down and were ready for their performance. With my eyes through my view-finder and my ears to the songs, it was an enjoyable session to see Leas and her group ( oh ! ...and Alex of CDDS too), and the familiar songs.  My comments---it was too short and too quick ! Like the Caucasian next to me said, " Is that it ?"

Still---I enjoyed it---thanks for the invite Leas !!




iRiSS said...

OMG.. what a small world.. hey Leas, the girl standing next to your left, she's DEANNA rite? arghhhh... what a small world..

Lee said...

Yes...u know her? your fren rite?:)still keep in touch?

iRiSS said...

yeah.. ofcuz.. what a small world..

sunnysideup said...

hmmmm.....glad I posted these photos !