Friday, August 28, 2009

The Ten Commandments -- an unsurpassed movie classic !

And what a classic that was. I was but 11 when Abah, who was so excited over the movie , brought the famuly for a treat at the Cathay cinema.

The Ten Commandments, then was the equivalent of any present big-name movie ! Cecil B D Mille , an odd name then and probably still is to us, became a house-hold name. Everybody was talking about the cinematography of the Red Sea 'splitting' open so that Moses could bring his people across to safety from the pursuits of the cruel Pharaoh and his armies.i believe Cinerama technology was also first introduced in this film .

Oh it has its effect on the audience. It was nail-biting during the scene when Moses' people were asked to put up a sign at their door because something was going to happen to the others --- the sweeping death , as it took away the lives of the of the other side.

But I think one of the most profound effect it had ( on me anyway ) is the history lessons. But --- what a classic !

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