Sunday, August 30, 2009

Once Upon A Time ......5

Lets get back to the 'Steps-sitters'. There are three permanent members whilst any other person are just guests.

Now , theres Mr A, Mr F and Mr R alias Mr K.  Of these three, Mr K is the only one who has so lost in one type of game to Misty and Aktif.. Mr K was either too smart or too afraid to get himself involved in a second type of game. Word has it that he is still recovering from the first game. Poor guy !

The writer has also found out that the other two are secretly practicing for a possible rematch. That is good ! At least they are not giving up hope.  But should there be a re-match, it is probable that the Karachi 'Kue' (Cue) Killer shall be partnering Mr Might because apparently they gave Mr A and his partner a plastering with strategy that left them helpless.

That was the match when Mr Might did not live up to his name----he did not panicked.

Now the re-match would be something to look forward to .

Now lets go to the section on the birds and the bees.

Apparently, wedding is in the air. Love knows no boundary, for love is blind and lovers cannot see. Not only can't this particular see through their spring time fog , but they couldn't see the reality of the academic life. It was heard through the grapevine that they even wanted the final examination to be brought forward because they have made -  now, take a load of this - plans to get married!!??

This sounds like it had been taken out of a comedy movie. Can anyone ever imagine asking a University authority to have their exams ( and its Finals too !) brought forward because of a wedding plan? The mind boggles !!! Really it is too funny and you can only laugh at such monstrosity and idiocy .
Imagine a notice from the University that goes something like this.

This is to inform students that the Final Examination for this semester which has been scheduled for September as per the Academic Calendar has been brought forward from 3rd. September to 27th August. 
This change is due to the fact that two of our students are getting married .
                                                                      .The Management.
It was reliably learned that there were cases of " re-sits ' but NEVER "pre-sits" -- unless maybe, and only maybe , perhaps an overseas student who had to fly home because of pressing family emergencies . 
So , now will there be request to bring forward a final exam because of birthday celebration or holiday trips ? ....that is life's comedy !
(What ? you're wondering if this is true ? What ? who is that couple ?---ahhh truth IS stranger than fiction !  Can anyone give the English translation to the BM saying 'Pelik Tapi Benar ? Heres a clue.  " w.........  b.....    t.........".  Oh --no prize for the winner....but on second thought... maybe you get to delay your final exams to any date you like .....well, howzzat ??
Look out for more news ........... yessss... that break again....)


HELAS said...

step sitter.. i think its really clear...

about the notice.. FIRST TIME.. hahaha... sometimes i feel realy funny.. but if think back.. how can that happen ?? during my time exam postponed is normal.. hehe.. bring forward NEVER,plus with that type of excuses.. haha

:::m!Sz wItHouT fEeLinG::: said... i'm waiting for the next episode...i'm sure u wont let readers down...

dyon said...

sir...may I ask u sumting...there is an error rite? 3rd Sept to 27th Aug....=)..btw, I can accept it if Dato r getting married..heheh..bow chika wow wow...

dyon said...

there is no an error sir..sorry for the inconvenience..heheheh..

sunnysideup said...


It didn't happen.It tried to happen but didnt. Thank God common sense prevailed ! Theres enough ridiculous happenings as it is.

Its not so much the action as the reason helas !

:::m!Sz wItHouT fEeLinG:::

Glad you got hooked on the written KLMU drama series !


See what I mean ? That was the same reaction from Mr Aktif and Mr Misty----couldn't believe it and wondering if there was an error.

BUT---horrors of horrors---its true as the Lost World !hahahahahah

sunnysideup said...

Yes as true as a Korean drama .....

Oh yes ... the series will continue---definitely....

HELAS said...

haha... now i get it .... about the date.. hahahahah.. damn why i cannot understand the bold part at first hahaha

sicKo^ said...

now i know why the xms are brought forward. I don't like the new date.. it's ok to postpone but not brought forward..

back to the game.. i would really like to hear what will happen to the next rematch..

Alexander said...

i will just be there..
support my lecturer beating my frenz..

sunnysideup said...

good for you alex ! heheheh