Monday, August 31, 2009

Mana under a microscope !

I happen to find an old diary, turned the pages and I found this 'statistics'.

It was written by my youngest daughter in 1998 and she was about 8 years old. Mana . our beloved cat who was about 4 years old,, was obviously 'under a microscope' and I could just imagine him lying down quietly entertaining Hanna by being quiet and letting her do all the measurement.

I cannot imagine how she measured 'Lebar mulut' and 'panjang misai ', the longest left whiskers, shortest left whiskers , and then the other side..., Mana's left eye, then the right .

Now, on second thought of course, she could also be sitting ON the struggling Mana while measuring him.

Mmmmm. good thing she's doing Law instead of Veterinary Science 


anak si-hamid said...

What a fabulous find.Poor Mana!
Ithink Hana probably sat on him to get her statistics.
Thank you for that posting - had us laughing out loud.
Hana, I hope your Abah doesn't find any more 'archaeological' artifacts of your past.

JonyBr said...

Haha.... Funny hehe

HELAS said...

now taking law... but previously u see her will become a doctor.. coz too detail in doin her work... :).. 1998 My Upsr Time.. eh i'm older..

p/s mana have TANGAN KIRI DAN KANAN that is 25 cm.. heheh.. send my regard to her :D...