Wednesday, April 29, 2009

...and what about this ?...

What about these "

It's very difficult for students to manage their stay in Canada. Nation's executives prevent students from studding abroad in these days.

I am sorry that I did not send this info before, but Catalina bought the ticket through an organism that obliged her to pay certain days before.

From 22 until 26 she has many testes in her school. So will be more difficult for her to travel to Vancouver before June 26.

I regret to say that this student met a car accident a week ago. Riding a bicycle he met with a car carelessly. It made him a little limp.

P.S. I'm not Mr. because I have XX chromosome.

It's very good that you have some pats because I used ti have contact with animals. I like going out with them.

Our quotation will be on biting with other travel agencies.

Please be advised that we cannot accept any bank transfer or cheese.

He said that he cannot study in Canada because his mother got cancer as the result of doctor's diagnosis.

Main purpose of this fair is to meet overworming demand from students… We're learned through our extensive experience dearly with students, the biggest problem for them get information about studding abroad…

We would like to stud at Vancouver English Centre in September.

Have a mice day.

Ok---like the guy says---have a mice day !

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Azhar85 said...

I will not comment further about this article..because it's made me laughed all day by reading it...hahahahaha...

P/S : Have a "Mice"...sorry.."Nice" day sir..hahaha..who has the gut to write an article like this..hahahaha..