Saturday, April 25, 2009

Journey of a lifetime - 3

As we circled over London, the same familiar scene welcomed us - a grey, gloomy and wet city below---but it was such a welcome sight to me. 

With my boss (then) and the driver(centre) of the limo

The thing about this city is that it's so old and such a drag ! BUT- its got character ! -- and I love it.  Walk down the streets and the grey buildins surround you. The wet, the grey sky in winter.

In Oxford Street with collegues-me looking tired.

Anyway we soon settled in a hotlel near Oxford Street. All my collegues decide to leave all the arrangements to me as I was  familiar with the place. So the first thing I did was to rent a Merc Limo to take us round. We visited University East London, Westminster University and the Middlesex University. Of all I thought Middlesex an interesting visit with its many campuses. The one we visited was actually a renovated warehouse or something. But the bright daring colours that they used  would make you thing its an Art and Design Institution when its actually an Engineering Faculty !

The Middlesex University Engineering Faculty

Anyway after all our visits I went separate way from my my collegues. They were going to have a day or two free, but for me, I am officially on leave for a week. So that evening, packed my bags say my goodbyes to companions of a few weeks, and make my way to Kings Cross Station to Leceister to my sister's place, spend a night there and then a long train ride to Dundee to see my son. ( Hmmmmm , from here on, I'll be using my own money---not the company's---kind of sad---heheheh)

My son's block of apartment 

In Dundee, it was my first visit to see my son . Although he had to attend his daily lectures , I always manage to do thing on my own.

the inside 

Like father like son--he started his hobby as a hi-fi enthusiast. The above pjoto was sent to me by him, and this time I got to see it --for real

what was written on the back of the photo he had sent me ..

After a near one week in Dundee, I make my way back south to begin my long journey back home and back to reality.(Athough, two months later , I would be back here with my family enjoyng a winter holidays with my son again!).

So thats it...


HELAS said...

Now already in Chapter 3.. heheheh.. looks like here we got a new character.. that is ur son.. heheh... i feel like that i read comic books, or some series stories..

Good story, besides we can get new info here, also i can understand a little bit about (the Writer).. hehe..

i wonder.. if i still sit in my hometown.... Sure i'm still not expose with all of this info...hehe

sunnysideup said...

well helas--who else can I write about if its not my son or my two daughters....
Anyway, I have never really put all this experience in writing until now.

My mood swing in this blog is extreme. As you can see---in my next posting--its a totally different ball game.
Sometime its can just be a welcome note to someone who became a follower of my blog OR it can come in Chapters !
The beauty of blogging !! I'm glad I chased you guys into blogging !

iRiSS said...

i think in some times soon will be out..

"my precious biography"

hehehe..i will definitely purchase it sir heheh =)

sunnysideup said...

I'll give you a signed copy iriss---heheheheh....and hard cover too...

HELAS said...

For the 1st time join this community, a bit blur.. but after follow ur blog almost 1 year.. lots of interesting topics i found.. one more thing that really2 help me is to improving my knowledge about English.. lots of new word i found every time i read through any posting.. keep on posting sir, as u said this is the beautiful side of blogging.. i'll become ur loyal reader and commenter heheh...

yai have to purchase?? alamak...

sunnysideup said...

Anytime you're welcomed reading and commenting as well !