Saturday, April 25, 2009

Journey Of A Lifetime 2

On finishing what we had to do, we went on to the next leg of the journey, British Columbia, Canada. We arrived in Vancouver late in the night and only checked in the hotel after midnight. I remembered being so hungry that we asked the hotel to ructle up some meal for us. AND, I got my favourite dish. Smoked salmon. This was going to be the beginning of a 'makan' spree for me of salmon, salmon and salmon. mmmmmmuuuaahh !! 

I cant remember if we stayed another night in Vancouver but I remember the wet weather. I love looking out of my hotel room window  to enjoy the scene below !

The scene from my Vancouver hotelroom.


Soon we were ready to leave for Kumloop. I have never even heard of the name of this town in my whole life let alone knew anything about it. But we were supposed to visit the Cariboo University College as our College was going to run a joint Business programme and we were ironing out certain detail. We were also going to look at their distance learning system as Canada is so wide that some of their smaller towns had to rely on this form of education. 

Talking to the lecturers of this University, there are certain concept which I can never never grasp. For example , while talking about some issue, I asked them why they did not go to their Ministry of Education for one thing or another. When they told me that the Ministry is like 3000 to 4000 km. away, it hit me like a brick wall ! (I was thinking of Kuala Lumpur situation where it is only some few km away from my place of work !

Anyway, Kumloop and the University is situated in the highlands (and I mean HIGH. Gorget about Malaysia's standard of distance and 'high'). The best part we had to use a Fokker I think to get there . (see below).

the plane that took us to Kumloop and back to Vancouver

Again--my first experience. Its so small we could see the pilot. On looking out of the window , we could see patches of snow on the highlands. It was pretty scary . After a few hours we landed safley at the Kumloop airport. Now, the wind was really strong that they had to tie the plane down to the ground--probably to prevent it from being blown away !

Walking to the terminal. I still cannt believe that I am on the other side of the globe and in a small 'kampung' somewhere in the wilderness of Canada.

Kumloop Airport Terminal

Soon our transport took us to the town. I must admit it is something like straight from the movie. Its a small town and no high building. 

Part fg Kumloop as seen from my hotel window 

The following day we were take by the University representative to visit the campus. It was an exhilerating drive up the highland to the campus. We visited the Activity Centre and seeing the students, they reminded me of my Hull student days. In that respect, students, anywhere, at any time , are very much alike . That seems universal.  I looked at the types of students that were there---the studious, playful, noisy ---for a moment --I almost believe I was back in my Students' Union House in Hull University !

Above---the campus.

Now , we must be the happening in Kumloop because , would you believe that the Mayor of the town invited us for dinner ! It was held in a restraunt on a slope overlooking the town (I think ).. We were even given badges with his name on it. It was pretty cute I think !

At the Mayor's office.

With the then General Manager of Yayasan Selangor. Background is the town.

On finishing our business, we flew back to Vancouver to visit a few community colleges and a staff from the Malaysian High Com kindly gave us lunch.

Kitchen staff of a community college.

The above picture brought unpleasant memory to me. You see after the picture was taken one of them passed a racist remark to his friend , presumably about me , and they were laughing away. I waited for them to finish,then told the older guy, "Can't you see ? Thats why why I'd rather be the 'chinky'  and travel the world then two white idiots stuck in a kitchen for your whole life !!" 

( oh--i have to mention here that that night, I managed to sneak off somewhere nearby to watch a concert....alanis morisette's .)

Anyway, soon after that we packed up ready to fly off to the United Kingdom --which , after all this , seem more like home to me ---to see my sister , my brother-in-law and of course my son who was studying in Dundee , Scotland. This will be in my last section of my memorable journey.


HELAS said...

just can read .. n then imagine... 1996, still in "Darjah 6".. In my head that time still Power rangers, Friends, and of course my parents that always check my book when i comeback from school.. hehe

Angel said...

I always wanted to go to Vancouver maybe someday lol

sunnysideup said...

Helas---as you'll find out in my next posting , time is subjective and relative - especially in travelling. You'll also find out that after a certain age your physical development level off . It is mure your life-learning curve that matters .
Forget 1996---I still remember 1966 as a college student , we went on atour to Thailand right up to Chiengmai and the borders of Burma (then) and Thailand.

Or the early 1980s--where I spend my university student day hitch-hiking throughout United Kingdom , spend time in an English farm, tour North England on a motor-bike.

Time no longer becomes a factor--but thememory is !

Its good to have a dream and a target to aim for. And its good you aim higher than others I pray it'll come true one day.

iRiSS said...

a Fokker!?something like Charlie right? wow.w.w.w...

sunnysideup said...


I think thats what it is...the nearest thing to a charlie's angel was the hostess, who, by the way after tending to us , sat behind the pilot and had a chit-chat with him---and we could see all this. Its like riding in a 'bas persiaran'....
One day air asia may be like that ya !

HELAS said...

EI FOKKER ... always use to go rural area in Sabah.. hhehehe but if travel by air asia from Kl-> borneo, using fokker.. 1 day i think will landed safely

iRiSS said...

i never missed asking for a permission to enter the cockpit.but unfortunately, the answer always NO..

sunnysideup said...


hahahah---i like that ! Nobody says you cant ask permission.
But getting a 'yes'---thats something else ...

Its like someone asking me ---'sir , can I not do my assignments ?'...heheheh