Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What A Wonderful World !

"For all its imperfection, the world is still a good place ...'  I know that comes from somewhere but I just can't recall....

Yup inspite of my posting on that late submission of report---I will not let that depress me --he's not worth it. 

So the way I feel now.... this song by this brilliant girl ! Once in a while the world is presented with such a gift as this girl !


pickled herring said...

Mus, have you seen Susan Boyle singing in Britain Got Talent ?

sunnysideup said...

Might have---but i'll look it up. But this 6 year old is really outof dis world !

Azhar85 said...

What can i say sir..

She posses :

cute + talent = adorable singer

P/S : Great Combination...have a "Mice"...sorry..."Nice" day sir..huhuhu :)