Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More disturbing discoveries !

Surfing the net, I came across these sites and I simply had to postit to show the gravity of this problem. I wonder sometimes if we are approaching the same avenues as countries like China, Kenya, Great Britain , Egypt and manu more. Perhaps its a universal problem and a reflection of oneself ....

Here are the links and the snippets...


Police crack down on exam cheats

“AS millions of Chinese students gear up for the national college entrance examination, education and police authorities have issued stern warnings against cheating.

The Ministry of Public Security has instructed police departments across China to make detailed plans to ensure the security of the exam, which falls on tomorrow to Tuesday.

The police would be on high alert for any cheating, such as the use of electronic devices that students could use to get answers from people outside the exam room, said a statement from the ministry….”


‘Tuesday, Jun 23 2009

An exam board is using new electronic tagging devices to reduce the risk of cheating this summer.

Edexcel's computer-based marking system has also been set up to flag up any unexpectedly good results which could be the result of cheating by students.

A number of bags containing exam papers will contain a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag which will be scanned as the bags are despatched. After the papers have been delivered to exam centres, Edexcel staff will be able to scan the tag to check the contents, ensuring no papers are missing.

The tags are similar to those used on items such as CDs and clothes in shops….’


Exam cheats to be caught on camera

Last Updated(Beijing Time):2009-06-05 09:52

Video cameras will be installed in almost 60,000 test centers around the country to prevent students cheating in the national college entrance examination, scheduled for June 7 and 8.

The Ministry of Education's test center will monitor the videos and keep all footage for future investigation in the event of any cheating allegations, said Zhang Weizhou, assistant to the center's director….’


KARACHI: Many exam cheats go unpunished

By Our Staff Reporter
KARACHI, April 29: The cases of a number of students caught up in exam cheating are reportedly not being registered by invigilators and vigilance teams because of alleged pressures exerted on them by activists of certain political groups.

Several cases of exam cheating are being detected during the ongoing secondary school certificate exams of regular and private candidates. In most cases, the candidates took unauthorised items, particularly mobile phones, into the examination halls and used them not only for cheating but also for calling up political activists when caught by invigilators.


Exam cheats face stiff penalties

Exam cheats and their accomplices will be fined Sh250,000 if a proposal by the Kenya National Examinations Council is adopted.

Knec also wants people found in possession of examination materials or information before the candidates sit for the papers to be jailed for three years.

These were among proposals presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Education by Knec chief executive Paul Wasanga.

According to the document, which is calling for an urgent amendment of the Examinations Act, candidates found copying work of their colleagues or consulting during a test, face a fine of Sh50,000.

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