Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Bukit Jalil Experience !

Today , together with a few friends, we took a longer than normal stride --- all the way to Bukit Jalil !

We went to the Bt Jalil Golf Club ---no , not to play golf as none of us do, but just to have a look at the place. Welll--ok, we visited the bowling alley. The game is cheaper but the alley gave me the creep because there were only two employees in the alley of 12 lanes (I think).

We were very luxrious with everything as we played cross lanes. In fact we could have taken a lane each if we wanted to. The only noise we hear were our voices , shouting after every strike.

The condition of the lane ? The balls are in better condition than Mid-Valley. The lanes took getting used to. Its not a fast lane but well-oiled. Personally I find the lane easier to control than Mid-valley. Uts predictable and I would say I have better control of the ball --although I was trying out a new technique . The pins are stable , unlike Mid-valley. My conclusion ? The lanes and balls are not bad.

But I do not like the monitor because it only shows 5 frames at a time . So after the 6th frame, you cant see your 1st and 2nd frame . Its weird !
The graphis are also horrible . Its like the old computer green monitors. No colours to brighten up the score or atmosphere. Thats it ! The place is so GLOOMY AND DULL !!!!.
Anyway, nothing ventured- nothing gained ! Anyway in the midst of playing, we did talk about the possibility of a second bowling tournament !!!! But thats another story.....


HELAS said...

just hoping that i can join the tournament...

if it is on friday.. haha.. hope there is Miracle happend so i can join if it is happend on weekdays..

JonyBr said...

and the pot .... or the jack ? what was that again ? hehehhehe

Alexander said...

y y when u played with us...
we can't hear the sound of strike for more than 3 times.. but here u had more than tat!!!
it this the game for all star??

Alexander said...

next tournament..
i wanna joined it..

sunnysideup said...

Thats what I want to hear from you guys ! enthusiasm ! Right ---One more tournament coming our away !!!!

I don't know why myself ! eheheheh ---maybe no pressure. Lets wait for the tourney.

yes --This time you'll be playing.

I'll get my angels to help me with the organization !

So angels--if you are reading this---this will be your mission !


Its a strange strange worls we live in, Mr Jack
No hard feeling s if w , never go back,
Its a really strange world I tell you, Mr Jack,

sicKo^ said...

I'm in..