Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bowling Terms

The above shows the position and numbers of the pins.

Here's a web site which gives a list of bowling terms/jargon just for our information ! 

6 bagger - A 6 bagger is 6 strikes in a row. The word bagger can be preceded by any number from three to eleven. This is one of the more frquently used bowling terms.

Bedposts (or goalposts) - Used to describe the 7 - 10 split. Very difficult to convert into a spare.

Big Four - A split which leaves bowling pins 4-6-7-10 standing. Again notoriously difficult to convert.

Brooklyn - When a bowler hits the pocket opposite to that expected of a right or left handed player, e.g. When a right-handed bowler bowls a bowling ball which hits the left pocket (1 & 2 pins) instead of the normal (1 & 3 pins)

Conversion - Bowling terminology to describe a spare. For example, a 7-10 conversion.

Count - The number of pins that are knocked over which are added to the strike or spare from the previous frame.

Double - A bowling term for two strikes in a row.

Field Goal - A miss which goes throw two pins set wide apart.

Hambone (also clover, 4 bagger)
- A word used for four consecutive strikes.

Head-pin - The first pin.

Heavy shot - A shot which hits too much of the front pin and causes them to split.

Hook - Hooking the bowling ball makes it travel straight and curve in towards the pins as it approaches them.

Light shot - Light shots hit the bowling pins closer to the 3 pin than the 1 pin for right-handed bowlers. The same applies to the 1 and 2 pins for left-handed bowlers.

Lofting - Releasing the bowling ball too high above the lane.

Pocket - The ideal area of impact in order to score a strike. This is between the 1 and 3 pins for right-handed bowlers and the 1 and 2 bowling pins for lefties.

Spare - Where all the pins are knocked down in two attempts.

Strike - Where all the pins are knocked over in the first attempt.

Strike-out - When a bowler gets three consecutive strikes in the last frame.

Turkey - A bowling term used to describe three strikes in a row


HELAS said...


LONGKANG - where all the pin didnt hit at all...

longkang King - male player that have lots of 0 in his attempt..

long kang Queen - female player that have same condition as the above

sunnysideup said...

Long Kang - name of drink that you'll get if your ball goes into the 'longkang'.

bomber - bowler who drops the ball behind him