Thursday, May 28, 2009


Ok before you guys find it on your own, I'm going to spoil your fun by telling you first.  My sister just did it. She just released a photo of mine and adventure which I tried to hide all along in her blog.  

Go have your fun. Its my treat . heheh


HELAS said...

21 years old... huhu.. sure lots n lots of girl admire u that time.. ahahah

with the hanging pants.. is that the famous style that time.. hanging style... hehehe

sunnysideup said...

we hang many things at that time. hahahahah

like I wrote somewhere-

All my books
were women's looks
And troubles
usually they gave me !

Azhar85 said... look macho..i mean it..huhuhuhu :)

P/S : The pic is so's time of pop rocker elvis presley..huhuhu..

sunnysideup said...

I know my sister is enjoying all these comments !

HELAS said...

i want to put comment at Anaksihammid blog.. but nevermind laa.. just put it here.. hehehe

sunnysideup said...

Thats ok to comment in that blog helas. She has been following your comments here also .

HELAS said...

ok... i'll ask for the below 15 years old pic of u ,from her..


sunnysideup said...

do you know what its like to be barbequed ? you will if...heheheheeh

anak si-hamid said...

Hi Mus, This is sweet revenge and I am enjoying it ha ha.

Yes Helas, do write in and I shall try to oblige you in any way I can - pictures, stories etc. of you-know-who subject to censorship rules of course.
Pictures of Frankie below the age of 10 will soon appear on Amazon, so do it now for a good discount.

sunnysideup said...

yes helas---mtrousers will not be the only thing hanging. It mught include a student as well.

oh---the witch of leiceister is drooling now !!!!