Thursday, May 28, 2009

So--what about today !

above - on the way to CM

Other than seeing some of my students mourning the loss suffered by their dream team ( guess it left them dreaming of what could have been ..), what else happened today !

With a group of students, we went to Central Market . No, we didn't go there as tourists, we went there with a mission. Nothing grand or 'mission-impossible' type of activities!

No, we went there to a place (recommended by a CBDS student actually) to customize a t-shirt design. Nithing special--its just that we seem to get many custom-designed t-shirts that we thought , why not one ourselves just for laughs.

Anyway, we arrived at the shop in Central Market but the person was not in. A quick call to the one who recommended us and we were told that he would be back in 10 minutes.

So we decided to have our lunch at the food court. Now just a few years ago, I was attached to Cosmo Bangkok Bank which is just round the corner - and I just about took my lunch every other day at this food court.

Since then, I have no reeason to come here and I was shocked with the change. Its such a pleasant place now . The air-con is effective and comfortable and the stalls are better and with more and better varieties.

We each ordered at separate stalls. I went to a 'nasi kandar'stall - one of the cleanest I've ever seen in KL.  I picked, a plate of plain rice, three pieces of tandoorie chicken, salad of cucumber, chilli and pineapples and curry.  The cost ? A mere RM 2 !!!! Can you believe that ?? In KL ?

Anyway we were soon back at the shop and discussing t-shirts, colours, collared or round-necked , designs, re-design, colours, wordings and costs.  The man in charged is a pleasant guy and he impressed me with his Adobe skills in re-creating our deign.

So, out of curiousity, I asked him if he was a business man first or a computer guy first. His answer shocked us further. He said he has been in this business for 8 years and only studied to use Adobe a month ago because he had to pay RM 25 for this service before and thought he could save cost by doing it himself. 

Hey bro Halim --I take off my hat to you !

Anway, we soon finished our business and went on our way home. So for some hours, I stopped looking at blogs !


JonyBr said...

Which class is this ? is it class 23-24? yeah they r the one's who also go and enjoy without me *snooty* so wait for next semester, i ll revenge with my boring lectures :p

sunnysideup said...

jony --but don't do it by sleeping thru their presentations . hahahahah

HELAS said...

Got size for me.. HEHEHE.... i think i want "S" size... Long sleeve...

Johny.. why are u always appear invisible to them?? ahahahha

Aying said...

Cannot wait to wear the shirt ... but thing for sure all eyes gonna look at it....hehehehehe

Helas, i dont think u gonna fit into "S" size, and we booked for short sleeve only....

sunnysideup said...

medium would be ok for u. Its collared and cost is RM35. But the material quality is good . sms me if you wish to order by tomorrow 12 o clock !
But its worth it. Nice.

HELAS said...

Confirm want.... ahahahha.... "M" also can laaa....RM35... no hal.... i hope u read this before 12 o clock hehehe